YUEN CHUN Vegan Black Bean Sauce 210ml


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A delicious all-purpose sauce.
This aromatic savory sauce made from fermented black beans serves as a great way to marinate, stir-fry, or simply drizzle over dishes. Yuen Chun Black Bean Sauce is highly-versatile and complementary to a wide variety of ingredients. Its exceptional flavor is designed to help elevate a wide variety of recipes and dishes.

Wide cooking applications.
With its deep savory taste, Yuen Chun Black Bean Sauce is adaptable to an extensive variety of cooking methods. Its unique recipe made with a combination of soy sauce, black bean, and ginger are ideal for enhancing the overall taste of dishes. It is perfectly adaptable for baking, steaming, and also as a marinade. It can be used as a dipping sauce or as a dressing and also to help thicken sauces and dishes.

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