YUEN CHUN Vegan Hoi Sin Sauce 210ml


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Key component of Asian cooking
One of the most common sauces used in Asian cuisine, Yuen Chun Hoi Sin Sauce is intensely flavoured and fragrant,
making it perfect for marinating and glazing as well as enhancing stir-fry dishes. With its slightly sweet and salty
taste profile, it is also ideal to be used as a dipping sauce for spring rolls as well as other Chinese-styled appetizers.

Exceptional flavour and taste
Yuen Chun Hoi Sin Sauce is made with a combination of spices, fermented soybeans, garlic and sesame seeds. It is perfectly balanced with sweet and salty notes, which affords it an intense umami taste. Thick and fragrant, it adds an authentic Asian flavour to any dish, especially for vegetable stir-fries, marinades, and grilled dishes.

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